About Bill and Ezra

Bill Michaelis is a Professor Emeritus at San Francisco State University. Born and Raised on the East Coast, he completed his undergraduate work at S.U.N.Y., Cortland  and came west to work in a variety of youth development/education/human service positions while simultaneously completing his graduate work.  He received both his Masters and a Ph.D. in Education and Anthropology from the University of California Berkeley, emphasizing Play and Human Development and Multicultural Education. Bill has written, taught and consulted extensively in the area of play and its applications to creativity, learning, development, leadership, self-esteem and healthy living for all age groups.

Ezra is the owner of Ezra Holland Consulting, LLC. Ezra was raised in Northern California, and completed both his undergraduate and Masters degree work at San Francisco State University. Ezra has developed a number of for profit and non-profit organizations, with the mission of helping people of all backgrounds to lead happier healthier successful lives.

Bill and Ezra are an excellent source for games, play, leadership, conflict resolution, staff development, stress reduction and team building workshops, events, keynotes, books, videos and DVD’s.

Their multimedia presentations are packed with humor, interaction, inspiration, insight and applications to personal and professional life. Each presentation includes extensive resource material. They are available for presentations both individually and collectively, but together they provide more than twice the impact and way more than twice the FUN!

They stopped counting after 30 years and over 2000 workshops, keynotes and events in over 27 states and overseas. Call or email for more extensive lists under any catagory and/or specific excellent reference letters.

Why Hire Us?

There are hundreds of keynote speakers, trainers and presenters around the world. Why should you consider hiring us?

  • We listen to, learn from, honor and celebrate our audience and the work they do
  • We’ll work with you to tailor our presentations to your needs or theme
  • We bring decades of real-world leadership and management experiences with a wide range of cultures and income levels, including extensive work with underserved populations
  • Our experiences allow us to combine real-world empathy and examples with cutting edge theories, concepts and techniques. This results in stronger staff development and immediate learning applications
  • Our highly evaluated presentations utilize a broad scope of empowering, interactive adult learning modalities, methods and experiential education techniques.
  • Our travels and networking give us access to new trends and resources around the world that we love to share.
  • Our proven training track record in diverse settings and circumstances gives us more “tools” as well as greater sensitivity and flexibility to meet your groups needs.
  • We can combine an informative, entertaining keynote with a number of hands-on, practical, skill-oriented workshops.  In other words, we can provide more value for your training or conference budget.
  • We effectively combine the serious and the playful, information and inspiration, laughter and learning, fun and focus, and challenge and adventure.
  • We are available for presentations both individually and collectively, but together we provide more than twice the impact and way more than twice the fun!
  • We guarantee consistently delivered quality.
  • We are client-centered and we honor, involve and celebrate our audience.
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