Bill and Ezra Dr. Bill Michaelis and Ezra Holland are co-owners of Bill is a Professor Emeritus at San Francisco State University. Ezra is the owner of Ezra Holland Consulting, LLC. Together they have presented well over 2000 fun filled thought provoking workshops, events, and keynotes around the world and are experts on play and its applications to creativity, learning, development, self esteem, leadership and healthy living for all age groups. more...
Why hire us? There are hundreds of keynote speakers, trainers and presenters around the world. Why should you consider hiring us?
  • We listen to, learn from, honor and celebrate our audience and the work they do
  • We’ll work with you to tailor our presentations to your needs or theme
  • We bring decades of real-world leadership and management experiences with a wide range of cultures and income levels, including extensive work with underserved populations
  • Our experiences allow us to combine real-world empathy and examples with cutting edge theories, concepts and techniques. This results in stronger staff development and immediate learning applications
  • more...
What is Children Together? Children Together is an organization dedicated to:
  • Supporting and inspiring those who work for children, youth and families with activity, leadership, management, communication, teambuilding, wellness and conflict resolution tools
  • Nurturing a sense of childlike wonder and creativity in all of us
  • Developing self esteem and pro-social skills in children and youth
  • Building and celebrating an intergenerational community of children, youth and families
  • Challenging youth to develop the resiliency skills necessary for success in life
  • Affirming the power of play, joy, laughter, adventure and fun in our lives
Who do we work with?We have presented to almost every type of organization that serves children, youth, adults and families including schools and human services, youth development and recreation organizations in more than 27 states and overseas… non profits, corporate and public child agencies and the widest range of professional conferences and businesses. We've been successful in urban rural and suburban areas with big agencies and smaller ones, with line staff, parents and management of all different cultures in the private, public and non profit sectors. We are among the best in the world at what we do. more...

"It takes a long time to grow young and I'm just now getting the hang of it." - Picasso (80 years of age)

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